Wednesday, 10 December 2008

La Fêtes des Lumières - Lyon 5 - 8 décembre

I've just come back from Lyon and the annual Fêtes des Lumières... a Merci à Marie... and while there, being mesmerised by the anarchiac French art thinking and the adventerous nature in which they put festivals together, I visited the Musée Des Tissus...and found the most inspirational exhibition I have seen for a long time.

In amongst the 16th Century Iranian silk garments was an exhibition of paper dresses and accessories - knocked me out they did... but you'll have to come back and find this edited so that I have all the right names and details. Anyone going to Lyon should see this. They will not be disappointed.

Then, once sated on artistic endeavours and feeling peckish, those who eat meat should head to chez Léon and having eaten well and inexpensively, take a pee, and while doing so, have a look at the works of art in the loo...

Once I have learned how to download photos off my Samsung U900 camera phone, I'll upload them to here*

Les Lyonnais Bouchon...

# Sausisson à la Lyonnaise, pommes vapeur,
sauce vin rouge et sa garniture...

# Andouillete à la ficelle, sauce moutarde,
flan de courge et pommes gratin au muscade...

# Côtes du Rhone - Chateau des Amoureuses -
07700 Bourg St Andéol.

Voilà !

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