Wednesday, 8 July 2009

So what's happened to summer??

Last week as Wimbledon sweltered under blue skies and a relentless sun, it seemed, for a while that summer was well and truly here. We had fun and laughs watching the overweight tennis fans in appalling Union Flag sleeveless sports tops stretched over ample girth, fanning themselves with a programme or sitting with a sweater pulled over the head.

Oh! How we laughed. The weather boys and weather girls had forecast sunshine and warm, warm weather but still these dopes hadn't listened. No bottled water or sun hats for them.

Here it was no better.

Did I learn anything from what I saw and heard last week concerning the weather?

Did I hell....

I carried on, blow torch in hand burning off layer upon layer of paint on a chalet's balcony rail, overlooking a beautiful mountain valley, and off I went at the weekend to do other scheduled jobs. And so it rained. And rained. The stripped and sanded wood taking on a new tint as the rainwater hit and stained it. Bugger.

Now, Wednesday and the skies are covered with a chill thick layer of rain heavy cloud, the breeze from the north chilly. Somehow it always seems to be like this early July. Will I remember for next year? Probably not.


Lumilyon said...

Yep, that's us Brits for you! I think we might have had summer now. I could take very similar photos in our back yard: especially the one of the drowning basil plant on the wet table. We're off to Normandy in August. Put a word in for us please, I want sunny days, in a hammock with a glass of wine and a good book. And if it has to night please!

pondlife said...