Saturday, 15 May 2010

Please, Sir, I want a little Vacherin

A boy abducted from France in a custody battle has told a court his most compelling reason for wanting to go back home: he would get a better quality of cheese in a French school than he does here. This highlights a point on which we fail, largely through laziness and incipient poor taste, to match our friends over the water. There, all food is taken seriously: they do not feed their children, or their proletarians, on cheese made from rubber, as we do, but feel all have a right to the small luxury of decent food. That this child should humiliate us so serves us right. And perhaps, too, it is no coincidence that if one gives children food fit only for animals, some choose to behave like them.

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The French Are A Law Unto Themselves

We are still battling the Tax people as they refuse, on grounds we cannot find, to accept that ITC for whom Mrs Pondlife works is a bona fide body of the UN and have slapped us with a bill for more than forty thousand euros, yes, € 40,000 and have taken a charge upon our house until it is sorted so that if ever it were not sorted we could not sell our HOME and move elsewhere.

We must battle on.

More to come. The French are a law unto themselves.

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Lumilyon said...

Bloody Hell! I've been away from Blogland for a while and return to find that so much cr*p is going on in your life. Really sorry to hear all this. Are you managing to keep reasonably cheerful? We have just booked a room for Lyon, usual time, usual place, so cheered by that.