Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lac d'Arvoin - 1663m

Sunny warm and blue skied walks
above lakes; below lakes above snow flat,
ice flat blue below powered peaks.

Lower levels wooded slopes a verdant verte
of fresh growth, soft brush-tipped ends
curving, freshly in the rising breezes.

Under snow covered ice, trails crack
sandwiched between crunching boots and bubbling creek.

Raquettes mounted clacking forward,
the panting of pole planting patterns;
Stop! Breathe. Look about;
the furthest stone strewn slopes
covered by snow traced tracks of
heavy hoofed winter woollen'd beasts.

Silence completes among the trees,
personne probing -
the bark of dogs a valley distant,
only the crack, of falling frozen rain,
dripping slowly melted in the pine top sunshine.

Snow deep and wind blown slope;
a dreamlike piste demands a carve,
instead we trudge, upward to waiting lake
and perfect peaceful picnic...

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