Thursday, 19 April 2012


In the garden of Mr and Mrs Jones there is this year some fine blossom. It took the whole of March in the making only for the winds from the north to sweep down across Europe and bring with it rain, and sleet and, slightly higher, snow, and more rain and the wind that came with it during the night time blew the blossom so that it sprinkled lawns and streets...

Nature can be cruel in taking away from us so quickly the beauty she gives...

It can also be a depressing time of year for those that dislike the cold and the relentless snows of winter; those that have looked forward so long to the longer days, the return of warmer sunshine to bring  life back into their plants.

It is hard to believe that this is not the sea but a lake, Lac Léman as the French call it, Genfsee in German but Lake Geneva to most of the rest of us. The very same as the earlier dark pond like waters that was home to the swan a few weeks ago.

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