Thursday, 23 October 2008

Freedom ??

Banksy's CCTV....

There are occasions when I get frustrated with living in France; this large beautiful country with at least three police forces.

However I do not often get angry with it. One of the reasons for that is that La Belle France celebrates its freedom by not watching its people all of the time.

If I were now living in the United Kingdom would I be angry? Would I be just frustrated or would I be frightened? If frightened; then what about?

Perhaps the suggestion, hidden among myriad CCTV cameras all around the country, that a passport would be needed to buy a mobile phone. And it is alleged, all to help fight terrorism and crime.

Britain must get rid of the corrupt Government that is (nu)Labour.

In the last 11 years it has lost freedoms gradually being eroded away in such a manner that many people do not notice.

I read a newspaper piece recently by Anthony Beevor where in a review of a book about the Nazis before and during the war, he suggests the Nazis 'sold' their awful policy to the German people in just such a manner.

If people do not make a stand at a time like this over such a trivial matter when will they stand?

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