Monday, 5 December 2011

Lyon - a lesson

This past weekend has been a lesson in how one should not ASSUME things. One should check and go off and find out... and so it was assumed that the Fête des Lumière in Lyon was running from this weekend through to next weekend as the actual date of 8th December would fall during this week.

Rail tickets were bought, hotel was booked and off we went only for 'someone' to say she obviously thought that the 'lights' would be on for the whole week... Not so.

And so we decided to spend our time at the 11e Biennale de Lyon, subtitled "A Terrible Beauty Is Born", the oft repeated line from the poem 'Easter 1916' by W.B Yeats.

Mmmm. Difficult and inaccessible I would say our general reaction was.

The photograph above is of an installation that suggested a result of a collison of the moon and earth. Oh well. We had a good dinner that night in a Bouchon Lyonnais, so not all was bad.

But it gave us the chance to wander Lyon and look.

Next year, we shall book as far in advance as possible and make sure that we get there for the colours and the lights....

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