Friday, 9 December 2011

Quenelle de Brochet

Lunch in Lyon last Sunday was at little place called "Café Du Soleil" at; 2, rue St Georges (Place de la Trinité) 69005 Lyon. We just stumbled upon them but from now on whenever I am there I'll call them first as we were lucky to get one of only two free tables. They only had laid about 13 or 14 tables and a rough guess would be for a total of about 50 people, but I digress. I had not realised before going in that their speciality would be quenelles, and specifically Quenelle de Brochet.

The photo above does it no justice whatsoever but it ate like a soufflé. And for fun I have linked above, an English language recipe for anyone competent enough to attempt. For myself, as much as I have loved discovering quenelles, I am cooking Queue de Boeuf, a simple recipe today.

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