Saturday, 21 June 2008

Poems from the Savoyard's Stable

# 1
empty restaurant
waiters waiting
Friday's lunchtime fish eaters.

Let out of boxes,
starter's orders
orders started;
the wine carafe ignored for water,
all at once the cars draw up
the vans spill their workers wanting.

If I could draw,
I'd draw her...
Ms FitasFuck lunching in laughter;
ignores her watching man,
opposite, she taps text
into telephone,
reads her sms; smoke curling through
her tanned thin fingers.

Her legs longingly crossed,
easily; below the table,
above she dips & pokes,
pushes & moves morsels around her dizzy plate.

Her desirable lean form
having pushed a leaf again,
she lights another cigarette.
and sips her anorexic water.

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