Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Junk on Blogs

I saw the following quote on a Blog in the Daily Telegraph... see

Part of the quoted post said....
"It's possible the euro will break up as weaker Euro economies balk at ECB rate hikes - Spain might be the first to go... Our Eastern European friends will go home as unemployment rises in the UK. (and then)...
Already parts of the Eurozone are refusing to take Euro notes printed by Greece, Portugal and Spain."
Posted by inh on June 18, 2008 8:22 AM"

Where does someone find this kind of crap? Well it appears they found it on The Daily Telegraph website in an article of Friday 13th June last. I had no idea.

Is it wishful thinking because they don't want to see the Eurozone as successful?

I have right now, a wallet full of Euros, 10's, 20's, a 50, and secretly hidden away several 100's & 200's.... I can tell these notes were printed and issued in Germany, Italy and Spain.
However, there are, only a few kilometres from here, Portguese, Spaniards and Greeks all attending the various Euro 2008 soccer matches with pockets crammed with euros which are being accepted along with the euros offered by their German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Croatian and French fellow fans. In amongst them, there are Irish and British fans whose teams are not included, but who are spending their cash in euros, and in a country not in the Eurozone - Switzerland.

We have a responsibility when we post on blogs. As has been pointed out to me a few times today. If those blogs are run by newspapers, then they have a responsibilty too. I guess that German banks do too. Should they allow their customers to change one euro note for another on the basis of which country issued it?
It is a free country after all.


Anonymous said...

They may well have a read an article published the Telegraph on the 13 June 08, see

Dwight said...

So now you know where the 'crap' came from. Of course, it is a silly thing to do, since it makes no difference where the note was printed. No bank note has a different worth just because of where it was printed. But you cannot expect the average person to know such things. It would require some level of intelligence.

pondlife said...

Thank you to anonymous for pointing that out... I had found that earlier...

and to Dwight. Still think its crap, but I'm hurriedly going through my piggy bank of stuff all the same.