Tuesday, 10 June 2008


That is the age of two of the last British Soldiers killed in Afghanistan.


...just 19. Kids. They should be watching Euro 2008.
Forgive my anger but I would really like to know what they were doing there and why?

It is only my opinion but I do not think the British Government has a clue. Democracy to the people of Afghanistan is meanlingless and if it were ever achieved at any point, it would not be long before that democracy was superseded by some other system more acceptable to those that want power.

Just because I DO NOT support the British Government does not mean I do not support our troops. I do indeed. They are prepared to do what I was never prepared to do, and for that, with not a little embarrassment, I thank them.

But I am so angry at PM Gordon Brown. The decisions are at his desk. The buck stops there.
(I hope he doesn't mind me using it...)

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