Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Pondlife or Stream life ?

Late May early morning run down to the river and around the man-made lake, that is now home to a large gaggle of incontinent Canada geese and their goslings. The sky, heavy with rain and the constant sound of the speeding traffic on the nearby motorway threatened an enjoyable workout as I plodded 16 stone past the dog walkers who seemed surprised at having me greet them...

I'm used to greeting and being greeted here on my various hikes up mountain and down valley, but on my journeys to Britain it rarely happens. There is never much eye contact either.

The river was swollen from the past days constant rain; the muddy brown whirlpools as quickly as they appeared, disappeared again as the river flowed towards the Thames.

Yellow lilies amongst the leaves and rushes brightened the overwhelming sense of greenery, and darting about, quickly resting for a second or two were several damsel flies. Some brightly shiny green and others a deeper blue. Laying an egg on a leaf here and another egg there...

Beautiful. I like this time of year, even in heavy rain when the landscape is covered in a grey cloud from one horizon to another. Even grey has its shades.

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